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Revirock is a team of professionals born and raised by and for music, and who understand that the best art comes from the best environment.

We are a company entirely dedicated to the audiovisual environment, and here you will have available from the rental of spaces for the development of performing and audiovisual arts, to a high-level academy for you to train in the musical world, through recording studios, photography studio , management, and a very long etc.

A team of professionals with more than 25 years of experience dedicated to the sector, who will put at your disposal an immense display of technical and human resources available to cover your needs, whatever they may be.

Welcome to Revirock Studios

Rehearsal Rooms


At Revirock Studios you will find 3 different ways to be able to rehearse with your bands or carry out your audiovisual projects, with a variety of venues of different sizes, characteristics and equipment, so you can find the one that best suits your needs.

You choose!!

Recording Studios


At Revirock Studios we have various recording studios to adapt to your needs and your economic possibilities, and in any case, you can count on the best technicians and producers, so that the results are up to what you expect.

Our concerts hall, the best sound, lighting and streaming equipment so that you can be seen all over the world. Visit us in

ReviRock radio, with programming for all tastes and with all kinds of programs, follow us through our website: